Compose your own Christmas packages

You have the freedom to create a unique Christmas gift by customizing it yourself, choosing from over 10,000 different items that perfectly suit your employees.

This way, you can create a personalized Christmas package that is guaranteed to be well-received. The option to customize your own Christmas package is available for orders starting from €5,000 excl. VAT.

Have a Christmas package made

At our company, you can have your Christmas package made with fully personalized modifications. For instance, we offer the option to customize the Christmas package box with your own design and you can have one item of your own packaged for free in a personalized Christmas package. This could be your own Christmas card, agenda, or calendar.

This way, you can have a Christmas package made that perfectly aligns with your preferences. With a personalized Christmas gift, we guarantee that your employees will be pleasantly surprised by the gift specially tailored for them.

Ordering a Christmas package

You can also order a Christmas package from our carefully curated house selection of Christmas packages. Our house selection offers a diverse range of themes and price categories, ensuring that you will always find the perfect Christmas package that meets your desires and needs.

Whether you want to order a Christmas package with delicious delicacies or a modern package with sustainable gifts, we have something for everyone. Furthermore, you can rely on our expertise and years of experience in curating Christmas packages.





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