House selection Christmas packages

Our house selection Christmas packages are specially put together to ensure that they are suitable as a Christmas gift for everyone. Whether it's a delicious bottle of wine, a selection of luxury treats, or practical gadgets for the new year, there is something fun available for everyone. All of our Christmas packages are of high quality and contain only the best products suitable as a Christmas gift.

Custom gifts

Prefer something more personal? We also offer custom Christmas packages as a Christmas gift. With this option, you can put together and personalize the Christmas package yourself. This can be done, for example, by adding products that fit the interests of your employees or by adding a personal message and fully personalizing the products with your company logo. With custom Christmas packages, you can emphasize your appreciation for your staff even more.

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Christmas market for employees

In addition to our Christmas packages, we also offer the option of organizing a Christmas market for your employees as a Christmas gift. This is a great way to surprise your employees and show how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. We can put together a customized Christmas market that fits the needs of your company. This can include stalls with delicious treats, fun gifts, and even activities or catering that create a cozy atmosphere as a Christmas gift.

Appreciating during the holidays

We understand better than anyone how important it is to appreciate your employees during the holidays with a Christmas gift. Our house selection and custom Christmas packages are perfect as a Christmas gift for every employee. With the ability to add a personal message and organize a Christmas market as a Christmas gift, it's easy to show your appreciation and let your employees know how much their work is valued. With our Christmas gifts, we work together to ensure a great Christmas for you and your colleagues.

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