On-site Christmas market

Surprise with a Christmas market

Do you want to surprise your employees with an unforgettable Christmas event this year? Then consider an on-site Christmas market! With us, you can have a tailor-made Christmas market created for your company and staff. We create a cozy and festive atmosphere with beautiful decorations, entertainment, and of course, the Christmas stalls.


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Christmas market on-site

A Christmas market for businesses at your own location is the perfect way to create a personalized moment for your staff. Our Christmas markets feature dozens of themed stalls, such as cooking, wine, and wellness. Each stall offers a unique range of suitable gifts, ensuring there's something for everyone. We would be happy to discuss with you which themes and assortments best suit your company and employees.

When the Christmas market is set up for your staff, each employee receives a lovely Christmas shopper bag and personalized tokens with a predetermined value. This allows them to shop worry-free at the various Christmas stalls and make their personal choices. Organizing a Christmas market is possible starting from an order value of € 35,000 excluding VAT.

A Christmas market for staff is not only a festive and enjoyable event but also a unique way to strengthen team spirit. Your employees can shop together, enjoy the entertainment, and get to know each other better. Together, we create an unforgettable moment for your company and staff.

Christmas for everyone!

Enjoying the holiday season together

And of course, no one is forgotten! We have also thought of those who cannot attend the Christmas market. They will still receive a surprise package so that everyone within the company can enjoy an unforgettable Christmas experience.

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The order

Christmas market step-by-step

1. Discussion & Design

We will discuss your wishes and ideas for the Christmas market and then proceed with the design, taking into account the location, budget, and preferred date.

2. Setup & Preparation

On the day of the Christmas event, we will come to your company location, start decorating, set up the market stalls and display the assortment of gifts.

3. Day of the Christmas market

We offer an original range of gifts in various price ranges, which we provide using a convenient point system. If desired, we can arrange catering and entertainment, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a delightful day at the Christmas market.

4. Dismantling & Evaluation

After the Christmas market, we will handle the dismantling in a tidy manner and discuss with you how the event went and any potential areas for improvement for the future. We will also arrange a suitable gift for those who were absent so that everyone can enjoy a festive Christmas experience.

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Each customer is assigned a dedicated contact person. Merel could be your contact person. Merel will answer all your questions, guide you during your showroom visit, and knows all about your preferences to ensure you get the perfect gift for your employees.


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