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From pre-selected items to unique customized Christmas packages!

With the option of customization, you can create a personalized Christmas gift that perfectly suits your employees. The creation of a unique custom Christmas package is possible starting from an order value of €5,000 excluding VAT.

We also offer the option to personalize the Christmas box with your own design and to include one item of your own, free of charge such as a Christmas card, agenda, or calendar. With a personalized Christmas gift, we guarantee that your employees will be pleasantly surprised by the special gift tailored specifically for them.

Full responsibility by us

We listen carefully to your wishes and ensure that the execution is taken care of down to the smallest detail. We take full responsibility for the organization of the year-end gift, so you don't have to worry about it. Together with you, we create a marvelous present for your employees!

Service for your employees

In every Christmas package we assemble, we include a service card. This card allows your employees to contact us directly in case there is any issue with the package. Any complaints will be registered by us, and we will ensure that they are resolved in a professional manner, so that your employees are fully satisfied with the Christmas package they receive.

30 years of experience30 years of experience

Admire and get inspired!

Do you want to get an idea of all the possibilities? Visit our Christmas package showroom in Eindhoven and get inspired. We are convinced that our showroom is one of the most beautiful in the Netherlands. Make an appointment and be amazed by our creative and original Christmas gifts!

What 30 years of experience brings

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We are happy to help!

Each customer is assigned a dedicated contact person. Merel could be your contact person. Merel will answer all your questions, guide you during your showroom visit, and knows all about your preferences to ensure you get the perfect gift for your employees.


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