What is the day of informal care?

The day of informal care, celebrated on 10 November in the Netherlands and 23 June in Belgium, is a special occasion to show appreciation and gratitude for the tireless efforts of informal carers. These special people who care for a beloved family member, friend or neighbour deserve to be put in the limelight for their dedication and love. At Company of Gifts, we understand how important it is to recognise and appreciate these everyday heroes. That is why we have put together a wonderful selection of gifts that are perfect as day of informal care gifts. Let the caregivers in your life know how much you appreciate their efforts and surprise them with a thoughtful gift for the day of informal care 2023.

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Day of informal care gift: memorable gift ideas

You know better than anyone how valuable the efforts of a carer are. A personalised day of informal care gift is a wonderful way to show your gratitude. Choose a tailor-made gift basket full of relaxing and pampering products, such as luxury chocolates, scented candles or care products. If you are looking for something special, you can also go for an exclusive custom day of informal care gift box, where you decide on the contents. With your personal touch, you will make this day of informal care gift a unique surprise that shows how much you appreciate the caregiver. With your attention to detail, you don't only show appreciation but also create a lasting memory of this special day.

Christmas hamper to thank caregivers

A suitable Christmas hamper for the day of informal care gift should be carefully put together with the needs and interests of caregivers in mind. It can be a combination of practical and relaxing items to support them in their daily caregiving tasks. The hamper can, for example, consist of personal care products to pamper them after a long day of caring for others. In addition, there can be relaxing scented candles, a soft blanket, and a soothing music CD in the package to help them relax and unwind.

A Christmas hamper for caregivers on the day of informal care gift can also include items that help promote their own well-being. This can range from a subscription to a magazine they enjoy reading to a voucher for a massage or a wellness day. It's important to emphasize that self-care is essential for caregivers and the Christmas hamper can encourage them to take time for themselves and enjoy activities that make them happy. By adding these gifts, we show them that they matter too and that their well-being is just as important.

Showing appreciation on the day of informal care

A gift can be so much more than a physical object. It can be a token of appreciation, a hug in the form of a gift, or a moment of recognition. When you give a carer a day of informal care gift, you are not only giving them a tangible surprise but also a moment of warmth and recognition. A thoughtful gift can brighten their day, make them feel that their efforts are seen and appreciated and bring them a well-deserved moment of relaxation and happiness. You show that you notice and appreciate their hard work and dedication. With your consideration, you strengthen the bond and create valuable memories together. In this way, your gift becomes much more than an object; it becomes a moment of genuine gratitude and appreciation.

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Why choose Company of Gifts?

When you are looking for the perfect day of informal care gift for 2023, you want something that is unique, personal and thoughtful. At Company of Gifts, we have a wonderful collection of gifts specially curated to pamper carers and show how much they are appreciated. We understand that every caregiver is unique, which is why we offer the opportunity to put together your own gift basket, so you can choose something that perfectly suits the recipient's personal tastes and needs. We pride ourselves on offering sustainable and quality products that have been carefully selected. Your choice for Company of Gifts is a choice for quality, attention and appreciation, ensuring that you make a lasting impression on day of informal care 2023.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I order a personalised gift for day of informal care from Company of Gifts?

Yes, at Company of Gifts you can put together a personalised gift for day of informal care. We offer a wide range of gifts that you can combine into a unique gift. This way, you can thank the carers in your organisation in a special way.

Are there sustainable day of informal care gifts available?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of sustainability and have therefore included a selection of eco-friendly and ethically responsible gifts in our range. This way, you can not only thank the carers in your organisation, but also contribute to a better world.

Does Company of Gifts offer a choice concept for informal care day gifts?

Yes, we offer a unique choice concept. Recipients receive a unique login code that gives them access to a customised webshop, atmospherically decorated in your company style. Here, based on a points system, they can choose the gifts they want and have them delivered to their homes. This gives carers the freedom to choose something they really appreciate.

How can I ensure the gifts are delivered in time for day of informal care?

At Company of Gifts, you can specify when you want your gifts delivered. We deliver on working days between 08:00 and 18:00. Whether you want the gifts to be delivered to the company's location or directly to the recipients' homes, you can rest assured that your gifts will be delivered on time.

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