Employee gifts

The magic of employee gifts

In a world where digital interactions often dominate, there is a special power in giving a tangible token of appreciation. An employee gift is more than just a simple present; it is a reflection of gratitude, recognition and respect for an employee's efforts. At Company of Gifts, we understand the impact of such a gesture. That's why we don't merely offer employee gifts, we excel in helping you find the perfect gift that speaks of your company's story and values.

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Employee gift

Sustainable employee gifts: making an impact

Giving a sustainable employee gift is a powerful statement. It not only shows your appreciation for your team but also our planet. At a time when responsibility and sustainability are paramount, you can make a difference by choosing employee gifts that really make an impact. And while you put a smile on the recipient's face, you also contribute to a more sustainable future. A win-win situation!

Personal touch

Every company is unique, just like the people who work there. And when it comes to showing appreciation, it is that personal touch that really makes the difference. Whether it is a specific theme, a special message or unique packaging; it is all about creating a moment of connection and recognition. You know your team best, and with an employee gift that shows the essence of your company and team, you show how much you appreciate their commitment and dedication.

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custom employee gift

Make it special with custom gifts

Standard gifts can be lovely and thoughtful, but nothing says 'I appreciate you' like personalised bespoke employee gifts. When you make the effort to customise an employee gift, it tells a story. It shows that you have taken the time to consider what makes your employees valuable and special. From a specific design to a handwritten message; with customisation, you create a unique experience that your team won't easily forget. This is your chance to show that you recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of each team member.

Celebrations full of appreciation

The holidays are the time to reflect on your team's hard work and commitment. With carefully selected employee gifts, you don't just give a physical gift but also a message of gratitude. It is your way of saying 'thank you' for a year of dedication and effort. And with the festive touch and personal attention that comes with every gift from Company of Gifts, you will ensure a successful day of celebration. Whether you want to thank your staff with a Christmas gift or choose a different moment of giving, personal attention is always paramount when it comes to our employee gifts.

30 years of experience30 years of experience

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Everything you want to know

Frequently asked questions

What do you give your employees?

Choosing the perfect employee gift is all about appreciation and recognition. Explore our wide range of unique, sustainable and personalised employee gifts. From sustainable surprises to bespoke solutions, there is a gift to suit all tastes.

Can I put together the employee gifts myself?

You bet! Take advantage of our custom gifting options to have an employee gift designed that perfectly suits your staff. Or visit our spacious showroom to put together your own gift basket.

When will the employee gifts be delivered?

You know your schedule best! That's why, at Company of Gifts, you get to choose your preferred delivery time. We will make sure your gifts are ready at the chosen moment.

Can I pay after delivery?

Sure! To make the transaction comfortable for you, we offer the option to pay afterwards. That way, you can be sure that everything is to your liking before you proceed with the payment.

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