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Letterbox packages

Our letterbox packages are perfect for any special occasion you want to celebrate with your employees. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, promotion, a work from home package, or just a warm gesture of appreciation, our range has something for everyone. Additionally, it's also possible to create a custom letterbox packages according to your preferences with personalization.

Custom mailbox package

Want to make the mailbox package even more personal? No problem! We also offer the possibility to fully personalize the mailbox package according to your own wishes. Add a personal message or let the company logo shine on the packaging or the gifts themselves. Add your own touch to the gift and create a completely unique surprise for the recipients.

30 years of experience30 years of experience

Carefully curated

All mailbox packages are carefully curated and fully customized to your wishes and needs. We listen to you and work together with you to create the perfect mailbox package. And of course, we ensure that the gift is delivered on time and to the right place, so that the surprise is complete. That is one of our five guarantees.

Show appreciation with mailbox gifts

Give your team a sparkling surprise with the unique mailbox packages from Company of Gifts. Let their faces shine with joy and show the appreciation you have for them. Discover our extensive range, from custom-made to our house selection, and make every special moment an unforgettable memory. Together, we create magical and heartwarming experiences for your company and staff!

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