Employees creating their own Christmas hamper online

Our personalized choice Christmas hamper concept is the ideal concept for Christmas! From themed packages to food packages, we have something for everyone. With this concept, your employees can personally choose their own Christmas package online after receiving an invitation with a unique login code. This ensures that they will be delighted with the Christmas hamper they will receive. It turns the process of selecting and choosing a Christmas hamper into a complete experience, from the invitation to the personal selection and receiving of the package.


  • It's extra convenient, personalized, and fun!
Optimal enjoyment

Complete care

Our service encompasses the entire Christmas package process: from sending choice concept invitations to employees, to delivering the Christmas hampers to the desired location, including a helpdesk and after-sales service. With our complete care, you can fully enjoy a unique and personalized Christmas experience.


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Shop your own Christmas hamper!

Customize Christmas hampers easily with our choice concept! Shop your own Christmas hamper with our unique choice concept. We offer three different Christmas hampers, one choice concept, and an inclusion of a charitable cause based on discussed preferences. Employees also have the option to donate the full value of their Christmas hamper to a charitable organization chosen by the company. This allows us to cater to different needs and truly surprise your employees during the Christmas season

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