Customer Case GGZ Oost-Brabant

"For several years, we have been organizing Christmas markets for our employees at GGZ Oost-Brabant. In the first few years, it took up a lot of our time. That's why we looked for an experienced partner who could take care of everything for us. That's when we found Company of Gifts. From the first contact, it felt absolutely right."

About GGZ Oost-Brabant

GGZ Oost-Brabant provides specialized mental healthcare to people suffering from severe psychiatric disorders. They support the recovery process and promote patient participation through personalized consultation, diagnostics, treatment, and guidance. GGZ Oost-Brabant aims to provide care comparable to that of family and loved ones: safe and with attention to individual needs. GGZ Oost-Brabant chose to approach us for our unique Christmas markets for employees.

The Project

GGZ Oost-Brabant had discussions with Company of Gifts about their requirements. The employees at GGZ Oost-Brabant were particularly enthusiastic about Rituals products and were looking for "real men's gifts." Soon, a successful and fitting proposal was made, the location for the Christmas market was determined, and invitations were sent out to employees. Upon arrival, employees handed in their personal invitation and received a bag, a credit card, and drink and snack vouchers. At the Christmas market, we set up festive stalls, each staffed by own GGZ Oost-Brabant personnel. There was something for everyone.

GGZ Oost-Brabant's Customer Experiences


"The day was a great success! It was busy from start to finish. People enjoyed shopping for Christmas products, socializing, and catching up. It felt like a reunion. People from different locations met again after a long time and even brought their families. The photo booth was particularly popular. It was constantly busy because everyone wanted to take photos."

"The location is a beautiful old factory in Veghel, decorated with a great atmosphere. The background music and lighting were well thought out. It was a day that will be talked about for a long time. Company of Gifts exceeded our expectations."

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