Customer Case Renewi

"We have been working with Company of Gifts for a long time and we are delighted with the partnership. In addition to our Christmas gifts, they also take care of gifts for other occasions such as Sinterklaas, Easter, or our leadership conferences. We know we can always rely on Company of Gifts, even when we have a last-minute request. They understand our needs, provide excellent support, and are incredibly flexible; they always get the job done."

About Renewi

Renewi is focused on creating value from waste instead of simply incinerating or landfilling it. This approach is known as "waste-to-product." Of the 14 million tons of waste Renewi processes annually, 91% is recycled or used for energy recovery. We at Company of Gifts are one of Renewi's customers, and once again, last year Renewi approached us for their unique end-of-year gifts for employees.

The Project

Last year, Company of Gifts delivered over 8,000 Christmas packages to various Renewi locations spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. This is always a significant challenge due to the numerous delivery addresses Renewi has, with approximately 69 locations in the Netherlands alone. Different recipients, including office staff, drivers, and temporary workers, are taken into account. It is crucial that all packages are delivered to the right place at the right time. Tamara says, "Yet, we manage to do it every time: the right number of packages in the right place at the right time."

Renewi's Customer Experiences


"The Christmas packages are always well-received. We strike a good balance between a delicious and healthy food package, along with a responsible and practical item - such as a recycling bin for home or salad containers (in line with our 'Fit to the Finish' project). The contents of the hampers are tailored to our company and the current trends."

"Other companies often work with multiple carriers. If, for example, a Christmas package gets lost, it becomes a guessing game to find out what happened to it. With Company of Gifts, we have one carrier, and they are in constant communication. We know exactly the status of the delivery. And if something unexpected happens, Company of Gifts has already resolved it before we even realize. Our contact person even drove to Belgium personally to deliver an extra Christmas package!"


"At Renewi, we strive to minimize packaging material. Company of Gifts aligns with this goal and does not deliver items in separate bags or unnecessary paper fillers. We are very pleased with the involvement of Company of Gifts - highly recommended!"

"We have a lot of trust in Company of Gifts, which gives us peace of mind. This is mainly due to the direct and open communication we have with them."

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