Summer gift baskets: The perfect way to show appreciation

Summer gift baskets for businesses are not just a gift; they are a token of appreciation that shows your employees that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. A thoughtful summer gift speaks volumes and truly puts your staff in the spotlight. They are symbols that show that every moment of effort and dedication has not gone unnoticed. Because with summer gift baskets for employees, you're not just giving a gift, you're giving recognition. And that has a lasting effect. What could be better than a smile on your team's face, knowing that they are truly appreciated?

The concept of summer gift baskets is based on the idea of providing employees with everything they need to fully enjoy the summer. The gift basket, for example, can consist of beach accessories, such as colorful beach towels, sunscreen, an inflatable beach ball, and a cooler bag to keep drinks and snacks cool during a day at the beach. By combining these essential summer items, employees are encouraged to go out and enjoy the warmer months.

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summer gift baskets

Bespoke summer gift baskets for any business

For your team, you don't want to pick just any gift. You're looking for summer gift baskets that set just the right tone and communicate your appreciation clearly. With any summer gift, you want it to reflect your company's unique vibe and values. Customization with summer gift baskets is key. Your vision, combined with our expertise, makes each summer gift basket for businesses have a special touch. Whether it's summer gift baskets for employees or broader corporate initiatives, the finesse is in the details. Each hand-picked item tells a piece of your story, making each gift not only special, but sincere and fitting.

Creating your gift is not just about the content, but also the presentation. Choose the theme that finds resonance within your team, fill the package with carefully selected items and round it all off with packaging that adds that extra flair. You can even set the delivery date so the timing is just right. With this flexibility in theme, content, packaging and delivery, each summer gift basket for businesses becomes a customized experience. It is a gift where every detail shows your dedication and appreciation for the team. Each summer gift thus becomes a unique expression of your corporate vision and appreciation for your staff.

Custom gift options

Connect and inspire

Choosing the right summer gifts for your team is a subtle art. It is more than a simple gesture; it strengthens the bond between staff and company. For you, who have your team's best interests at heart, summer gift baskets for companies are an opportunity to show that every detail, every effort, every late night is seen and appreciated. Through this recognition, you strengthen team motivation and create a culture where every employee feels valued and connected. And that's the power of the right summer gifts: connecting and inspiring.

Curated summer gift baskets

A curated summer gift baskets can also include other items that employees can use during their free time. For example, a portable Bluetooth speaker, a book or magazine for relaxation in the sun, or even a voucher for a local ice cream parlor or summer festival. By adding these extras, the summer gift feels personal and carefully curated, which employees appreciate even more.

In addition, a curated summer gift basket offers the opportunity to strengthen the company culture. It shows that the company cares about the well-being and happiness of its employees and demonstrates that their contributions are appreciated. This can increase employee motivation and promote a positive atmosphere in the workplace.


Visit our showroom

The moment you set foot in our welcoming showroom you immediately feel the summer inspiration bubbling up. Among the food and non-food items on display, you will discover endless possibilities for your summer gift basket. Whether you're looking for a refined summer gift for that special business contact or want to put together summer gift baskets for employees that reflect their commitment and dedication: here you'll find everything you need to put together a gift that seamlessly fits your wishes. Because at Company of Gifts, it's not just about the gift, but more importantly the meaning behind it for you and your employees.

With every step into our showroom, a new world of possibilities opens up. The photo studios provide a place where every summer gift is captured at its best, allowing you to see exactly how your carefully curated summer gift basket will look. In the themed corners, you'll find inspiration and suggestions for gifts perfect for a variety of summer occasions and events. For the foodies among us, the wine corner is a Valhalla: a carefully selected assortment of wines that will complete any summer evening. And, last but not least, the wrapping tables where your chosen products are packed with precision and passion, making every summer gift basket a visual feast. In this space, you can feel the dedication and attention to detail that Company of Gifts puts into every summer gift basket for businesses.

Visit our showroom

Summer gift baskets from Company of Gifts

If you're looking for that extra bit of personal touch for your team, Company of Gifts' expertise is just what you need. Each summer gift basket is a story in itself, carefully tailored to your company's unique atmosphere. It's not just the sun-kissed gift that speaks, but the thought behind it. For you, a summer gift from Company of Gifts means that every detail counts, that each gift has been put together with love and care. Because summer gift baskets for companies are more than gifts; they are memories being created.

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Frequently asked questions

What exactly are summer gift baskets?

Summer gift baskets are carefully curated gift boxes designed specifically to appreciate employees for their hard work throughout the year. They can contain both food and non-food items, ranging from summer snacks to handy gadgets for the summer holiday.

Can I choose the contents of the summer gift basket?

Yes! At Company of Gifts, you can have your summer gift baskets for businesses completely customized. You can visit our showroom to choose the products yourself or tell us your wishes.

What makes Company of Gifts' summer gift baskets unique?

It's the combination of personal attention, customization and our extensive selection of summer products. Each summer gift basket is assembled with care and attention to perfectly match the needs of your company and employees.

Can I also order other themed gift baskets from you?

Of course! We have a wide range of themed gift baskets for different occasions, including special hampers for holidays such as Christmas and Sinterklaas. We also have appropriate gifts available for specific events such as international nurses day or the arrival of spring. Whatever the occasion, we make sure the gift fits your needs perfectly.

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