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At Company of Gifts we take responsibility!

We continuously work towards making our processes as sustainable as possible. This includes focusing on the production process, circular packaging, and reducing our CO2 emissions.

CO2 emissions & resource usage

At every step of the process, from procurement to delivery, we take the future and the environment into account. This includes paying attention to our resource usage and CO2 emissions. We actively seek out suppliers who offer environmentally friendly or recyclable products. Our partners are carefully selected based on shared values and a commitment to sustainability.

Many of our suppliers are members of industry associations and are evaluated and kept informed about environmental laws and regulations through these associations. At Company of Gifts, we choose sustainable production processes and strive for the most environmentally friendly solutions for our logistical operations.

30 years of experience30 years of experience

Packaging & sustainability

  • At Company of Gifts, we annually offer fair trade products in our showroom and have a wide range consisting of 80% sustainable products.


  • We continue to expand our sustainable offerings and strive to use circular packaging whenever possible, in order to contribute to a better environment.





Charitable organizations

Our contribution to society

At Company of Gifts, we deeply care about corporate social responsibility. We demonstrate our commitment not only through words but also through actions. We believe in giving back to the community and therefore support various charitable organizations every year.


  • The Food Bank
    One of the charities we donate to is the food bank. We want everyone to be able to enjoy Christmas, and by donating to the food bank annually, we contribute to this cause.
  • Foundation "Het Vergeten Kind" (The Forgotten Child)
    We are proud of our exclusive partnership with the Foundation "Het Vergeten Kind". We believe that everyone deserves a joyful Christmas, so we provide well-stocked bags with gifts for children in various shelters throughout the Netherlands.
  • Staatsbosbeheer (State Forestry Service)
    This year, we have also developed an exclusive sustainable line in collaboration with the State Forestry Service. For each item sold from this line, we donate €0.05 towards maintaining play forests for children across the Netherlands. This way, we work together towards a greener future for the next generations.
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