Focus on sustainability

Green Christmas package for employees

Our sustainable Christmas packages are carefully curated with products of high quality that have been produced in a responsible manner. Think of fair-trade products and items made from recycled materials. By choosing our Christmas packages, you contribute to a better world while also giving your employees a beautiful and environmentally friendly green Christmas package.

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CSR during Christmas

A sustainable Christmas package is not only good for the environment, but it also demonstrates that your company is socially responsible. With an CSR Christmas package, your company shows that it cares about the world around it and is consciously engaged in sustainability and the environment, even during the holiday season.

  • Contribute to a more sustainable world

Customized sustainable Christmas package

Additionally, we can personalize our sustainable Christmas packages according to all your wishes and needs. We can include your company logo or a personalized message, among other options. A customized sustainable Christmas package, perfectly tailored to your company, will make your employees feel even more appreciated during the holiday season.

Enjoying Christmas

With us, you can find a wide range of responsible Christmas packages that are not only enjoyable to give but also contribute to a better world. Together with you, we ensure that your company and employees can enjoy a sustainable and festive Christmas during the holiday season!

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